jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Les plans du tiki 38

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  1. olivier, salut.
    excuse moi parce que mon français est mauvais, mais l'ánglais ou spagnol fonctionne.
    congratulations for your good work in your project.
    i'm the owner of the T38 showed in the first photo in your page.
    only a couple of comments regarding "living" the T38:
    -the cabine/cuisine/dinnete originally designed by Wharram is not friendly for me. the table on one side and only one side to sit didn't work for me. i prefer a thin table that allows you to sit in both sides all along the table. you can add supplementary plank on the sides with hinges or similar.
    -the original cockpit/pod needs yes or yes a shelf or dodger to protect from spray as well as a confortable seat.
    hope this helps.
    all the best